Operational Fields

We operate since 2003 in the field of environmental consulting through conducting activities in the public interest, in the fields of nature conservation, biodiversity, ecology and sustainable development. Since 2011, we have implemented our services while also offering the sale of technologies for environment.

Search suitable sites and feasibility studies
Design, Construction Supervision and Safety
Projects development and managment administrative
Service advisor
Technical and environmental due diligence
Plans industrial chain
Control of plant efficiency
Construction of plants Turnkey
Management, Monitoring and Maintenance of plants

ISO 9001
ISO 14001 / EMAS
OHSAS 18001
HACCP / ISO 22000
ISO 50001 / EN16001
D.O.P. / I.G.P.
TradeMark CE

Parks and Gardens

Parchi e Giardini

Design and construction
Maintenance of green

Pollution level expressed by Macrodescriptors (LIM)
Extended Biotic Index (EBI)
Ecological Status of Rivers (SECA)
State Environmental of Rivers (SACA)
Ecological Status of Lakes (SEL)
Analysis of microenvironmental
Characterizations environmental

Scientific research
Technological research
Development of new products
Methodological development

Green Building


Homes and ecological structures
Materials and bio-ecological products
Systems with high energy efficiency
Systems for water reuse and natural purification
Insulation systems
Roofs and green walls
Energy certification of buildings
Energy Consulting
Analysis with infrared camera

Checks subjection to Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental implications assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments
Landscape relations
Integrated Environmental Authorizations
Botanical Studies and Consultationsns
Agronomic Studies and Consultations
Studies and Consultations on marine biotic communities
Acoustic Impact Assessments

Reforestation with native species
Renaturation with bioengineering techniques
Reconstitution of coastal marine
Constructed wetlands and lagoons
Environmental restoration of quarries and landfills
Environmental restoration after construction

Comunicazione Ambientale

Environmental Communication

Communication plans
Organizing and managing events
Creation of informational and educational material
3D rendering and photo simulations